A Response to the Overwhelming Number of Responses

I started to post comments and respond to them but was quickly overwhelmed.: 25 pages in my e-mail box first thing this morning and over 1500 comments. I am so humbled that God would take a blog post written by a simple girl and send it out to reach a half million people across the globe in a single day. THAT my friends, is something only God can do.  I so want to respond to each of you who has taken the time to write  especially the few who have been ugly or hateful because I know those are hurting people. I will be happy to share ALL responses, even the ones that are negative, but I will not post ones that are filled with cussing or hate.   It will take time for me to respond, so please be patient. I will answer  a few things here:

The accusation that I am selfish:  I am. If there is only one piece of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake left, I will hide it beneath salad mixes and sandwich meats in the refrigerator  in the hopes that no one else will find it before I get a chance to eat it. But I am also filled with a deep, passionate love of Christ that enables me to love both brothers and sisters in Christ and  unbelievers, the ones who are antagonistic towards my God or hateful towards me.  THAT, my friends is only something God can do.

The person appalled that I didn’t go back in or call 911: By the time we got out of the theater, a dozen police cars were already there and dozens more were screaming their way towards the chaos. I will forever wonder if I could have done something more. I do know that my first concern was indeed the safety of my children. Maybe that’s selfish, but it is the truth and I am not going to try to dress it up. One thing I will always be with my readers is authentic.

The person who thinks I was only praying (selfishly) for myself: My prayers were lifted for everyone in that theater. And despite some 36 hours without sleep, I did join other believers at Calvary Chapel Aurora last night to pray for both believers AND unbelievers…all those heroes who so unselfishly gave of their time and resources to respond to this tragedy, our government officials, those who lost loved ones.  The folks at Calvary Chapel and other churches aren’t JUST praying…they are using their hands and feet to serve and minister to folks in our city.

The person who wrote to tell me it is “champing at the bit” not chomping at the bit. :) :) :)

I also want to say thanks to my “tiny band of readers” for whom I was originally writing posts.  Your encouragement over the years is what has kept me writing so without you, this post that went viral likely never would have been written. I love you!

I have learned so much about the goodness and faithfulness of God through your responses.  Light will always out power darkness. Though my daughters slept with a light on, and though I’ve had a few panic attacks, we will not let darkness invade our spirits because “He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world.” Today we will still barbecue with friends as planned and though life will never return to the same way it was before the shooting, I HAVE already lost my cell phone today :)   (It’s okay to laugh during times of great sorrow. Not callously or foolishly, but there is healing in laughter. Don’t lose your laughter. It’s a gift.)

And finally, I want to give a shout out to the folks at Exchanged Life Ministries. These folks are the ones who really helped me grow in my faith and understand how to live life in the power of the Holy Spirit.  I know God uses different people and tools in our lives to draw us to Him; these folks were the ones He used to radically change my life and grow my faith. Thank you ELM!

Grateful for this wonderful life,

Marie with a :)

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